City of West Palm Beach | Fire Station #8

About This Project

The City of West Palm Beach engaged Stephen Boruff, AIA Architects + Planners to design Fire Station No. 8 consisting of three (3) bays with approximately 10,000 square foot of programmed floor space on a 3.76 acre site located at the northeast corner of Northlake Boulevard and Memorial Park Road in Palm Beach County, Florida. This Station will be designed for a Category 4 storm event and to achieve “certified level” Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. It is a critical aspect of the planning of this project that the continued operation of the temporary facility during construction, be accounted for. The proposed building location allows for construction of the new building in its entirety without impacting the temporary building.


The aesthetics of a building are not shaped merely by color and material, but in its massing and organization. Blending modern materials & design principles with the expression of Florida Vernacular architecture, a well defined yet reserved sense of entry takes the form of an generous overhang giving the building a strong identity. Its relationship to the primary street, while being architecturally sensitive to its surroundings, establishes an appropriate presence for a community facility. The exterior spaces, often referred to as negative spaces are just as important as the building mass itself. They shape the way the building occupants and visitors move around and into the building, and play a role in the experience of the architecture.


West Palm Beach, FL


City of West Palm Beach


10,000 square feet


5 Million (Estimated)

On the Boards, Public Safety